Getting Started in Motion 5

Join me in learning Apple Motion 5 from the ground up. Starting from the interface all the way up to creating a TV ident for a news show.

This course is for anyone wanting to start learning Motion 5 from the ground up.

** 3.5 hours of content

1) I am Pro Certified Apple Trainer in Motion 5 and Final Cut X

2) 3.5 hours of content with Assets included (images and video used in training)

3) Recorded in 1080p HD Video

4) All purchases go through a secure website



Going Further in Motion 5

Taking Your Apple Motion 5 skills to the NEXT level, continue your training here

This course includes lots of great examples of motion graphics 2D & 3D used in real world scenarios.

** 3hours of content

1) Audio Behaviours

2) Green Screen

3) Jim Boot animation with 2D layers

4) Drop zones & Replicators

5) Art gallery from 2D to 3D

6) Make an interactive 2d map 3D charting a journey

Ideally you will have already watched my previous course in ‘Getting Started in Motion 5’



3D Objects in Motion 5

With the new update to Motion 5 in September 2020 we can now import and use 3D Objects inside of the Motion interface!

This brings us new and exciting opportunities to bring more animation and flare to our everyday projects.

Join me as we first learn what objects we can use, their limitations and how to think outside of the box when

it comes to making the most out of our NEW 3D tools.

Take a look at the trailer! >> Swipe Right!

You will see how to build the whole trailer from scratch! We take a look at FCPX (Final Cut Pro X) towards the end to see how I put the whole thing together.

Theres a lot to learn so lets jump in..

Hold on tight! its going to be an EPIC Quest!

Create Titles In Motion 5 For Final Cut X

In this Course I demonstrate the process of building a 3D graphic then go on to animate it and then save the whole project as a Preset for Final Cut X’s Title library.

I promise you won’t look back once you start creating your own titles in Motion 5.

*** Included in this course is the Motion 5 file which has the 3D title built and animated ****

Ideally you will have already watched my previous course in ‘Getting Started in Motion 5’ & ‘Going further in Motion 5’



Getting Started in mO2 / A Plugin for Motion 5

In this training session I show you the power of MotionVFX’s Latest plugin called mO2

We start by learning the brand new interface and then move onto texturing and importing your own textures.

We then use  mO2’s built in primitives (objects) to build a 3D gallery where you can show off your own images.

I have also included a selection of 3D models to use within this project.

So lets start learning the power of the best plugin for Motion 5 since Motion 5!

***Note: this course has not been sponsored by MotionVFX all work is made and directed by me.



Getting Started in macOS & Going Further in macOS

Amazing two products for one GREAT PRICE

New to Mac OSX ? Maybe you know someone who just picked up a new Mac and needs a little help?

After delivering 100’s of Workshops in Apple stores across the world this is the ultimate training in getting started with your Mac OS X (operating system) Everything is here to get you up and running with lots of Tips & Tricks

This is the missing manual

**Getting Started  in macOS

Moving over to Mac or just upgrading your Mac can be a daunting experience. In this course I explain the very basics of your Mac Operating system.

My aim is to get you up and running without any fuss or unnecessary commentary.

**Mac OS Mojave is the Operating system used (Ver 10.4) – Jan 2019

**Going Further in macOS

In this course we take a look at the Core Applications of your Mac.

You will learn how to use dictation, navigate the web using Safari and send emails  and much more!

13 Videos all at one great price