mO2 - Real 3D Rendering Engine Plugin for Motion 5 & Final Cut X

3D graphics are everywhere, from TV news and commercials to product presentations and visual effects. But making them used to beslow, expensive and complex to master… until now.

Please welcome mO2 – a plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, an intuitive tool meant for delivering breathtaking 3D animations to your customers – quickly and effortlessly.


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**Please read the technical Specifications below before purchase

mO2 the Ultimate Plugin

Extremely easy to use
Amaze your customers with animated 3D text and logos. Its powerful 3D extrusion and Bevel tools let you stylise both text and SVG vector shapes in infinite ways. Optionally, you can choose from 40+ included style presets to speed up your work!

Real Time Rendering

You won’t believe your eyes
mO2’s state-of-the-art technologies make full use of your Mac’s horsepower, delivering rendering speeds like you’ve never seen before. mO2 also supports eGPU so you can enjoy the unshackled performance on devices unequipped with a dedicated graphics card

Free Training?

The training will take you through the interface of mO2 and showcase the textures library and how to import and create your own. Take a look at the video below to learn more.


Minimum requirements

MacOS High Sierra (or newer)

FCPX 10.4.3, Motion 5.4.1 (or later)

Dedicated AMD or Nvidia Graphic Card with 1GB of VRAM

(Intel Graphics NOT supported)

eGPU support



mO2 plugin,

60+ editable & fully stylized templates,

140+ 3D Models, 100+ Materials, 330+ Textures,

40+ styles for the 3D text & SVG,

500 Object Behaviors, 80+ Text Behaviors


114.5 MB + 11 GB of downloadable content